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As a professional Freestyle trio, the members of Company B music are expressive in both their musical talent as well as their visual art.  Below you will find a variety of video that encompass who they are as a musical collective.. These clips will give you a look into the style and tone of the music that they produce.  Explore the site and enjoy all that this incredibly talented Freestyle trio has created.

Official Video: Fascinated


Full Circle, Perfect Lover, Fascinated

Gay 8 Festival, Miami

Cruel Summer

Fuego Night Club / Orlando

Oye mi canto

Freestyle and Old School Hip Hop Festival. California 2017

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk October 27, 2018

Company B Angels

Company B show

Club E11even (Miami)

Company B / Club E11even

80's In The Sand/ Punta Cana

80's in The  Sand/Punta Cana

Company B

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